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AWS selects Digital Realty Seoul data centre for new Direct Connect location

Thu 9 Nov 2023

Digital Realty has announced the launch of a new AWS Direct Connect on-ramp at its ICN10 data centre in Seoul.

This development enables customers in Seoul to directly access AWS services, improving hybrid architecture solutions with secure, low-latency connectivity.

Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Realty, said: “Our customers increasingly recognise the value of placing their private infrastructure in our facilities worldwide to facilitate hybrid architectures across a combination of colocation and one or multiple cloud platforms.”

As the first carrier-neutral facility to host an AWS Direct Connect on-ramp in Seoul, Digital Realty’s ICN10 data centre is set to meet the escalating demand for data centre services in South Korea.

South Korea, renowned for its rapid technology adoption, is expected to see a significant rise in data exchange volumes. The country is undergoing a digital transformation, leveraging AI and cloud technologies, with AI spending projected to hit $2.9 billion by 2026.

Emad Benjamin, General Manager at AWS Direct Connect, added: “With AWS Direct Connect, you can transfer data privately and directly from your data centre, office, or colocation environment into and out of AWS.”

With this connection, Digital Realty’s customers can link their private infrastructure to the AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region, fostering improved performance for data-intensive applications. With the addition of Seoul, PlatformDIGITAL now hosts 17 AWS Direct Connect cloud on-ramps globally.

The company’s global service orchestration platform, ServiceFabric, further facilitates hosted connections from nearly 135 data centres worldwide.

Sooyoung Sung, Korea Country Manager at Colt Technology Services, said: “We applaud Digital Realty’s latest achievement in hosting the new AWS Direct Connect on-ramp at ICN10 in Seoul, a development that positions Seoul more firmly as a global data centre hub.”

Digital Realty’s establishment of the AWS Direct Connect on-ramp in Seoul is a significant step towards strengthening the city’s position as a leading data centre hub, offering an array of connectivity options to meet the growing needs of businesses in the region.

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