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Avanade appoints Florin Rotar as Chief AI Officer to spearhead AI-first strategy

Sat 9 Sep 2023

Image of Florin Rotar

Avanade, a Microsoft solutions provider, has appointed Florin Rotar as its Chief AI Officer (CAIO).

Formerly Avanade’s Chief Technology Officer, Florin Rotar will lead the global AI strategy and execution, helping clients accelerate their journey to become AI-first, while keeping the utmost consideration for ethical standards, privacy, and social impact.

Rotar will also be responsible for driving Avanade’s own AI transformation, capitalising on the market opportunity estimated to be worth $135 billion.

“AI has become the new computing platform. It has the promise to reinvent entire functions, and perhaps even industries. It also demands us to rethink the relationship and engagement between people and technology, perhaps as fundamentally as during the Industrial Revolution,” said Florin Rotar, Avanade Chief AI Officer.

According to Avanade’s Trendlines research, 85% of organisations anticipate AI driving revenue growth in the next 18-24 months, with up to 16% growth expected in global annual revenue.

“I firmly believe that to be AI-first is to be people first. We have an opportunity to truly empower people to realise their full potential and to become the best versions of themselves. To ask ourselves what can be created and how can technology and human ingenuity be empowered for every person in their organisation, added Rotar.

However, the unprecedented speed of AI development is leaving business leaders struggling to both understand how to harness its potential and to identify the skills and resources to deliver on AI’s promise.

Commenting on Rotar’s appointment, Avanade CEO, Pam Maynard, said: “Generative AI has opened a whole new world of possibilities for how we can use technology to do what matters and transform industries on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. With Florin’s leadership, I’m confident that Avanade will drive responsible innovation in an AI-first world.”

A 20-year Avanade veteran, Rotar has held several leadership positions across the business, including Chief Innovation Officer, Global Modern Workplace Lead, and Global Digital Lead. In 2019, he co-authored ‘We the People: Human Purpose in a Digital Age’, which explored digital ethics in the digital age.

Aaron Reich, Head of Emerging Technologies, will succeed Florin in the Chief Technology Officer role.

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