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AI and automation at forefront of SolarWinds Enterprise IT predictions for 2024

Press Release by SolarWinds Tue 16 Jan 2024

SolarWinds has released its predictions for the dominant Enterprise IT trends and themes of 2024.

The company forecasts that enterprises will increasingly adopt artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation to achieve their goals in efficiency, service delivery, and productivity.

Jeff Stewart, Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering at SolarWinds, said: “As AI becomes more sophisticated and its application more widespread—from consumer uses like ChatGPT to impactful enterprise implementations … it is no longer the presence of AI that’s notable, but the application of it.”

Stewart highlighted the significant advancements in AI and ML, enabling enterprises to tackle system issues effectively.

“Thanks in large part to impressive strides in the advancement of AI and machine learning this year, enterprises are better equipped than ever to solve, or even avoid, costly hits to their systems, services, or bottom line in 2024,” added Stewart.

Prioritising Observability and Database Management

With the growing complexity of digital environments, particularly in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, observability across the full tech stack is becoming a critical priority.

SolarWinds research indicates that enterprises lose over £10.2 million ($13 million) annually due to frequent brownouts or outages, yet many IT professionals lack visibility into their organisation’s apps and infrastructure.

AI-powered observability solutions are emerging as a solution to proactively manage downtime and innovate beyond customer expectations.

The management of databases is another area of focus. With some IT professionals managing over 300 databases, AI and automation will play a key role in ensuring database health, stability, and scalability in 2024.

Real-time issue remediation and understanding database implications during new code deployment are among the benefits IT teams will gain.

The Future of IT Operations and Service Management

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is set to support busy teams by integrating data across complex hybrid IT environments and providing actionable, predictive intelligence.

This shift towards autonomous operations requiring minimal human intervention is expected to optimise performance and resolve issues swiftly.

In IT Service Management (ITSM), AI-powered tools have been shown to reduce system downtime by 21% and decrease time spent on incident and service requests by 23%.

These Enterprise IT predictions are rooted in SolarWinds’ deep engagement with tech professionals, particularly through its THWACK community.

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