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Aggreko launches new multi-engine generator range for flexible energy solutions

Wed 1 May 2024

Energy solutions company, Aggreko has announced a range of Stage V multi-engine generators to provide flexible, reliable, clean and efficient power to sectors with diverse and demanding energy needs.

The new POWERMX™ range delivers modular power in one containerised solution that can rapidly be scaled up or down depending on the power requirement.

Aggreko’s latest range features the POWERMX3™, the world’s first three-engine, 1.35MVA generator housed in a single ISO 20ft container. Aggreko has also announced the dual-engine 1.25MVA POWERMX2™ Stage V generator.

Aggreko highlighted the difficulties energy-intensive industries encounter in maintaining energy resilience while simultaneously reducing emissions to meet net-zero targets as the driving force behind the launch. These industries encompass data centres, manufacturing, utilities, and construction.

Head of Power Generation Products at Aggreko, David McDonald, said delivering best-in-class efficiency, and reducing emissions, whilst building energy resilience are key priorities for all industries. 

“Harnessing the full capabilities of the first of its kind POWERMX3, in addition to the POWERMX2, we can support our users with their sustainability goals without compromise,” said McDonald.

Aggreko introduced POWERMX™ solutions into its European fleet for users requiring a power package to provide additional capacity, enhance resilience, and overcome power capacity constraints, and grid limitations.

Aggreko’s New Generators Developed for Efficiency

The POWERMX™ generators operate with a load-on-demand system, adjusting autonomously to varying power needs. Its advanced control features and multi-engine design allow the system to efficiently generate power throughout the load range up to 1.35MVA.

Aggreko highlighted how the intelligent Stage V solution optimises power delivery, fuel efficiency, and resilience by generating precise power amounts while minimising emissions.

The energy solutions company added that oversized generator sets are common, risking inefficiencies and equipment issues during low loads. Aggreko’s automated system activates engines as needed, ensuring efficient, flexible power output, and enhancing reliability.

The Stage V Certified generator is approved for multiple fuels, supporting CO2 reduction strategies. Aggreko said utilising multiple POWERMX units enhances power output flexibility, enabling access to Stage V-certified solutions for high-demand sites. 

“The need to adhere to even more stringent emission regulations is often a priority, particularly for large, multi-MW projects. This results in an increased requirement for Stage V solutions that are also compatible with greener fuels,” said McDonald.

The energy solutions company stressed as organisations embrace decentralised energy for resilience amidst grid reliability concerns, flexible, low-emission power output becomes crucial to mitigate disruptions.

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