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World’s largest law firm chooses Pure Storage for sustainable digital infrastructure

Written by Thu 2 Feb 2023

Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, has selected the Pure Storage system for data services. With Pure Storage, Denton’s UK, Ireland, and Middle East (UKIME) region can expand into new global markets and provide clients with secure and sustainable data storage.

The law firm transformed its digital infrastructure after facing significant challenges in managing and storing growing volumes of complex data that is also highly sensitive. Dentons employs over 21,000 professionals in more than 200 locations and 80 countries.

Before selecting Pure Storage, the company was running a variety of different storage environments which were unnecessarily complex, inefficient, and difficult to manage. The company was looking for a single provider that met requirements including global reach and reliability, security, sustainability, and scalability.

“We’re always looking to use technology and innovation to deliver services securely and more cost-effectively for our clients,” said Paul Thurston, CIO of Dentons UKIME.

Data stored in Pure Storage’s FlashArray is encrypted in transit and at rest, so it provides data security and makes it faster and easier for the firm to provide services to new clients.

“Many new clients have a long list of security requirements that we need to meet before we can work with them. With Pure FlashArray, we can quickly and easily meet many of those requirements, helping us to get up and running sooner,” added Thurston.

As a firm that provides ESG advisory services to clients, sustainability is an important goal for Dentons. Pure Storage helps Dentons improve environmental impact because the FlashArray product reportedly uses 80% less power than traditional data centres, and has a smaller footprint.

“Pure Storage’s technologies not only provide the dependable foundation Dentons UKIME needs to deliver meaningful services for clients today, but the flexible storage infrastructure needed to match our long-term growth and sustainability ambitions now and in the future,” said Thurston.

Pure Storage recently added an energy efficiency guarantee to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Using the EvergreenOne Consumption-Based STaaS customers can measure their maximum power usage easily and accurately. If the maximum is above the Watts/TiB guaranteed in the Pure Storage SLA, customers can request service credits for remediation by Pure Storage, at no extra cost.

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Written by Thu 2 Feb 2023

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