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Winners announced for Data Centre World Awards 2024

Written by Wed 6 Mar 2024

The winners for the Data Centre World Awards 2024 were announced during a grand ceremony at Data Centre World on 6 March taking place at ExCeL London.

The awards recognised the people, innovations, and operations within the data centre industry that have gone above and beyond to achieve outstanding excellence in the sector.

In this category, EkkoSense with Virgin Media O2 and STACK Infrastructure EMEA were shortlisted.

EkkoSense with Virgin Media O2: This collaboration has led to a substantial £1.45 million annual saving in data centre cooling energy for Virgin Media O2. By leveraging EkkoSense’s advanced real-time machine learning data and AI-driven algorithms, Virgin Media O2’s data centre team achieved a significant 15% reduction in cooling costs across 20 UK sites.

STACK Infrastructure EMEA: In a groundbreaking partnership with Hafslund Oslo Celsio, Norway’s district heating provider, STACK Infrastructure EMEA launched what is considered the first city-scale heat reuse project in Europe. In its first year of full operation, the initiative has successfully reduced the energy needed to heat Oslo homes by 17.65 GWh annually by reusing heat from STACK’s Oslo data centre.

WINNER: STACK Infrastructure EMEA

Most Successfully Delivered Data Centre

The two companies shortlisted for this award were Marchini Curran Associates and Scala Data Centers.

Marchini Curran Associates: This project represents the second of four data centres at Kao Data’s Harlow site. The recently completed KAO Datacentre 2 (KLON-02) distinguishes itself through its high-performance infrastructure, energy efficiency, and sustainability, offering customers a reduced carbon footprint and low total cost of ownership.

Scala Data Centers: Located in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the SGIGSM01 hyperscale facility by Scala Data Centers is tailored to meet the demands of customers in Latin America. Constructed in just eight months, 50% faster than traditional methods, the facility is a testament to Scala’s commitment to scalable, high-energy efficiency standards.

WINNER: Scala Data Centers

Green Data Centre of the Year

The shortlist for Green Data Centre of the Year included CSSI South Africa and Vantage Data Centers.

CSSI South Africa: As the owner of the CipherVault Data Centre, CSSI South Africa stands out for its significant achievements in sustainability. The facility, entirely owned and privately funded by CSSI’s CEO, showcases an advanced solar power harvesting system that saves 120,000kg of CO2e monthly.

Vantage Data Centers: Recognised for its innovative approach to data centre design and operations, focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability, Vantage Data Centers’ Cardiff CWL1 campus in Wales exemplifies sustainable construction best practices and energy optimisation. Located in the UK’s tech corridor, the campus offers abundant renewable power and low latency.

WINNER: CSSI South Africa

CBRE and Pure Data Centres were shortlisted for Best Data Centre Operator.

CBRE: Renowned for its comprehensive data centre solutions, CBRE has set a high standard in risk management and operational efficiency with the launch of DCS Shield in 2020. This Risk & Reliability Program is designed to significantly minimise risks and unplanned outages through a combination of innovative processes, technology, assessments, and training.

Pure Data Centres: With a focus on delivering outstanding data centre services, Pure Data Centres stands out for its dedication to meeting and surpassing SLAs while maintaining high resilience and performance standards. The nomination highlights the exceptional work of the operations teams at the LON01 Data Centre in London and the JKT01 Data Centre in Jakarta, backed by a robust global operations framework.

WINNER: Pure Data Centres

Environmental Product of the Year

Shortlisted for this award were Iceotope and WoodenDataCenter.

Iceotope: Developed in collaboration with Intel and HPE, Iceotope’s KUL RAN addresses the unique challenges of extreme edge deployments. Designed for telco and harsh edge environments, KUL RAN offers a precision liquid-cooled server solution that enhances sustainability, scalability, and serviceability at the edge.

WoodenDataCenter: Their Modular Wooden Data Center 24 Racks is a pioneering approach that marries advanced engineering with sustainable materials. This modular data centre excels in performance while minimising its environmental footprint, boasting a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.08.

WINNER: WoodenDataCenter

Special Contribution to Improving Resilience Through Innovation

Spa Communications on behalf of Panduit and VID FIREKILL were shortlisted for their Special Contribution to Improving Resilience Through Innovation.

Spa Communications on behalf of Panduit: Addressing the critical need for accurate physical infrastructure management, Panduit’s RapidID solution revolutionises cable management and documentation. This system dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with patch cord documentation by up to 50%, streamlining deployment and significantly enhancing operational resilience.

VID FIREKILL: Its fire protection for data centres introduces the first holistic fire protection solution tailored to data centres, including safeguarding lithium-ion batteries within server racks. This innovation addresses the growing trend of decentralised UPS with Battery Backup Units (BBU) in server racks, mitigating the fire risks associated with lithium-ion batteries.

WINNER: Spa Communications on behalf of Panduit

Best Talent Developer

Shorlisted for Best Talent Develop were ALET UTCs & Partners and HireHigher and Portman Partners.

ALET UTCs & Partners: This collaboration exemplifies a large-scale industry response to the digital infrastructure talent shortage. Starting with UTC Heathrow and Partners in 2021, the initiative has expanded into a robust collaboration of thirteen leading industry organisations.

HireHigher and Portman Partners: Established by HireHigher and championed by Portman Partners, the Rising Star programme addresses the talent development challenge from the ground up. By increasing the visibility of the data centre sector among young people and promoting it as a viable career option, the programme bridges the gap between the industry’s talent needs and potential candidates.

WINNER: ALET UTCs & Partners

Innovation Product of the Year

WoodenDataCenter and Xtralis are shortlisted for Innovation Product of the Year.

WoodenDataCenter: Revolutionising server rack design, WoodenDataCenter introduces an innovative Wooden Server Rack, setting a new sustainability standard in the data centre industry. This eco-friendly alternative is constructed from responsibly sourced wood, significantly reducing the use of steel by 98% compared to traditional racks.

Xtralis: Addressing the shift towards lithium-ion battery technology in data centres, Xtralis presents the Li-ion Tamer GEN 3, an advanced Lithium Ion Battery Off-Gas Detection System. This innovative solution provides early detection of lithium-ion battery failures, crucial for preventing thermal runaway and associated risks.

WINNER: WoodenDataCenter

Best Reuse or Recycling of Products, Energy, or Data Centre Infrastructure

In this new category for 2024, Fulfil Communications on behalf of n2s and STACK Infrastructure EMEA were shortlisted.

Fulfil Communications on behalf of n2s: Standing at the forefront of IT Lifecycle Management for over two decades, n2s focuses on sustainability, security, and compliance in the disposal of end-of-life equipment. Their mission is to redefine the lifecycle of technology equipment used in data centres, emphasising the refurbishment and reuse of products like smartphones, laptops, and servers, and ensuring sustainable disposal of devices beyond repair.

STACK Infrastructure EMEA: In partnership with Hafslund Oslo Celsio, Norway’s largest district heating provider, STACK Infrastructure EMEA has embarked on what is believed to be Europe’s first city-scale heat reuse project. This initiative has successfully reduced the energy needed to heat Oslo homes by 17.65 GWh annually by reusing heat from STACK’s Oslo data centre.

WINNER: STACK Infrastructure EMEA

Data Centre Security Award

The two companies shortlisted for this award new for 2024 were National Information Resources Service and Pure Data Centres.

National Information Resources Service: Their ‘AI-based Cybersecurity Monitoring and Control System’ marks a pioneering step in applying artificial intelligence to cybersecurity within government and public organisations. This project signifies a paradigm shift from traditional, workforce-reliant security systems to a more advanced, AI and Security Orchestration Automation & Response (SOAR) integrated system.

Pure Data Centres: By leveraging state-of-the-art security technologies and implementing comprehensive risk mitigation strategies, Pure Data Centres ensures a proactive stance against potential security breaches. Their commitment to security excellence is evident through the implementation of innovative security measures, robust protocols, and a culture of continuous improvement.

WINNER: National Information Resources Service

Written by Wed 6 Mar 2024

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