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Where do DevOps and DevSecOps meet?

Written by Wed 16 Feb 2022

As companies look for ways to improve their development cycles and modernised their approach to development, the DevOps and DevSecOps methodologies have become an essential part of many enterprises operations. On the surface, these two approaches may seem similar, but in practice they can have very different results.

While DevOps has collaboration at its core and attempts to ensure all teams are working closely together throughout development, DevSecOps seeks to build on collaboration and embed security considerations at every stage of the build process.

Despite the notable differences in these methodologies, there is also a great deal of common-ground. Both DevOps and DevSecOps make use of the benefits achieved by automation to standardise processes and reduce the workload on staff. For example, security checks can be done in DevSecOps using AI to automatically discover threats and potential issues, which can then be sent to IT staff to analyse. In DevOps, AI can be used to find code errors and speed up the process of deployment.

Breaking down IT and operational siloes is the goal of both methodologies, as companies who want to increase deployment speed and achieve rapid iteration will require closer collaboration between teams. Dismantling siloed teams gives increased visibility over the entire application lifecycle and helps to identify any issues that would be relevant to different teams in the business.

Real-time data analysis is also central to DevOps and DevSecOps. Without access to all data that is related to the enterprise, it would not be possible to ensure potential security threats are discovered. DevOps, too, needs real-time data to keep the application performance as effective as possible. DevOps and DevSecOps have much in common but it’s vital for IT teams to fully understand the distinct differences between these approaches, if they are to be deployed successfully.



Written by Wed 16 Feb 2022


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