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What is the state of enterprise IoT in the UK?

Written by Tue 30 Jul 2019


A new report shows UK organisations lack the technical knowledge to independently deliver IoT projects

UK firms need IoT coaching and guidance and are relying on IoT service providers for both consulting support and technical enablement, according to a new ISG report.

“Enterprises in the country need a fair amount of coaching and guidance to help them understand the tangible benefits of the IoT and help define the processes to achieve those benefits,” ISG said in a press release.

Key roadblocks to adoption identified by ISG include lack of technical talent and delays in project evaluation due to the need to consult experts from service providers to make up for the lack of relevant skills.

UK organisations are also seeking more flexible pricing models and revenue-sharing arrangements from service providers before plunging into IoT projects. As IoT projects are complex, enterprises are resisting providers that only offer fixed-cost pricing, the report says.

Organisations are also anticipating the roll-out of 5G networking, citing the technology’s improved data speeds as crucial to delivering on IoT goals.

On the plus side, the report hails the UK’s steadfast adoption of IoT and organisations’ increased consideration of scalability, flexibility and cybersecurity.

“IoT is becoming an integral part of the digital transformation enterprise clients are undertaking to become more efficient and grow their businesses,” said Barry Matthews, partner and head of ISG UK.

In the private sector, manufacturing companies are most keenly adopting IoT, leveraging the technology to develop digital systems and optimise shop floor processes. These companies are also increasingly looking to IoT-enabled automation to digitise production and integrate supply chains.

The report also credits UK public sector investment in smart city initiatives, which are rolling out country-wide. Governments are mainly focusing on public safety and environmental sustainability projects, and smart building initiatives are cleverly being treated as sandboxes for large smart city initiatives, the report adds.

In addition ISG said the UK connected car market has the potential to be “the next thing”, noting advanced trials underway for autonomous vehicles, usage-based insurance, vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Written by Tue 30 Jul 2019


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