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What does Sony’s new wireless chip mean for IoT connectivity?

Written by Mon 3 Jun 2019

Sony is anticipating a new market for transmitting data over long distances at high speeds

Sony is launching a 1.6 cm2 chip that might radically change how some connected devices communicate.

Devices equipped with the CXM1501GR module, compatible with Sony’s proprietary low-power wide area (LPWA) ELTRES network, launching in August, can transmit data over a sixty-mile range.

As the module is integrated with a GNSS receiver, it can obtain and relay time and position data critical for the majority of IoT applications.

Sony said the chip’s ability to function in noisy urban environments on objects moving at high speeds will open up a new range of applications in tracking, monitoring and security.

What is LPWA?

Most IoT systems transmit information from sensors to cloud servers via WIFI or expensive mobile networks such as 4G (and soon 5G). Sony’s ELTRES network, on the other hand, is a low-power wireless communications standard designed for transferring low-bit data across a wide area. Not only can it handle transmissions over a 60-mile range, it can also do so while travelling at speeds of 60 mph.

As communicating with the network consumes less power than WIFI or 5G, it is feasible to connect a wider range of devices, particularly smaller products with no reliable or fixed power supply.

However, the standard’s utility is limited to applications that only need to send small amounts of data to function, for instance tracking products in the supply chain. The network will not be practical for applications that rely on high-bit communication, such as the HD video analytics required to power autonomous cars.

In a use case document, the company said the technology could be used to monitor ships, street lamps, long distance trailers, drones, rental cars, and wildlife.

“Sony is positioning this product for application in a broad range of IoT devices, aiming to develop various services making the most of stable wireless communications over long distances and while moving at high speeds, thereby creating a new market,” the company said in a press release.

Written by Mon 3 Jun 2019


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