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Volta announces £2m expansion of Central London data centre

Written by Thu 5 Nov 2020

9MW data centre located in former Reuters building in Farringdon to get 1.7MW IT power boost

Volta Data Centres will spend over £2 million expanding its Central London facility to cater to rising demand.

The independent data centre carrier has begun building an additional 10,000 sqft of floor space and a further 1.7MW of capacity at its site in Farringdon, of which one-fifth will be occupied when available in early 2021, the company said.

If demand continues at its current pace, the company has the option to add another floor and a further 1.8MW of IT power.

Volta‘s Central London data centre, the carrier’s only facility, has an envious location in the former Reuters building and currently spans 91,000 sqft over 4 floors.

The site claims a 100% uptime record and markets itself as “Central London’s most resilient data centre”. It features two separate 33kV supplies via two independent grid substations and 100 percent of its power is sourced from renewables.

“With increased demand among existing customers and responding to the external factors that are increasing the demands for offsite power, cooling and space, we’re delighted to be expanding our central London data centre,” said Jonathan Arnold, managing director at Volta.

“Over the last 12 months we’ve welcomed new businesses into our data centre, as well as increasing power to support our existing client base.

“Coupled with a rise in remote working and a requirement for businesses to move more data into offsite cloud and third-party data centre locations for resilience and continuity, Volta is in a strong position to meet these increasing market demands.

“With the new floor up and running in the New Year there will be an abundance of space and power for new customers to occupy racks and for existing customers to expand their footprint.”

Written by Thu 5 Nov 2020


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