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Vodafone completes European roll-out of VMware telco cloud

Written by Wed 8 Apr 2020

Telco estimates network costs have been slashed by 50 percent thanks to vCloud NFV

Vodafone Group has finished rolling out its VMware-powered cloud-based network across 21 of its markets and all of its European businesses.

The consolidated network architecture means Vodafone can design, build and test next-generation network functions more securely and around 40 percent more quickly, the companies said.

The network’s automation capabilities also reduce the amount of hands-on work required to operate and maintain the network – a priceless advantage during the Covid-19 crisis.

In total, VMware’s network virtualisation infrastructure (NVI) has been installed at over 57 Vodafone sites across Europe, and 25 sites in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

50 percent of Vodafone’s core network now runs on VMware’s NVI platform vCloud NFV, which supports voice core, data core and service platforms on over 900 virtual network functions.

“Working with VMware, we have improved the speed and efficiency with which we can support customers and estimate that the cost of our core network functions has been reduced by 50 percent,” said Johan Wibergh, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Group.

Network function virtualisation (NFV) is all about bringing the benefits of virtualisation and cloud computing to carriers by implementing network functions virtually instead of physically. Commonly called the “telco cloud”, NFV benefits include orchestration, scaling, automation, hardware independence and high availability.

vCloud NFV is VMware’s stab at trailblazing the telco cloud and the virtualisation giant has done a good job at onboarding big name service providers including London-based Colt. They are by no means the only vendor in this space, however.

UK-based telco BT expects to complete the switch to a cloud-based virtualised network by 2022, but has opted for Canonical’s Ubuntu OpenStack offering. Canonical’s customers include AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, and Sky.

Written by Wed 8 Apr 2020


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