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Vodafone and Ericsson partner to halve energy consumption in 5G trial

Written by Fri 10 Sep 2021

5G Innovators Initiative

Thanks to an innovative new 5G radio from Ericsson, Vodafone UK have been able to reduce energy consumption by as much as 55% at peak times. In a trial using the Ericsson antenna-integrated radio solution (AIR 3227) on the roof of Vodafone’s office in Central London, average energy consumption fell by 43%, compared to the previous equipment used in the 5G network.

“Our strategy is simple; turn off anything we don’t need, modernise our network where possible, and use the most energy efficient options available without compromising the service we deliver to our customers,” says Andrea Dona, Chief Network Officer of Vodafone UK. “The success of this trial allows us to explore new ways we can more effectively manage the energy consumption of our network with our partner Ericsson.”

Following the success of this pilot, Vodafone UK announced they plan to roll-out 1,500 of these low-power consumption 5G units by April 2022. Despite using almost half the energy of previous generation technology, the performance is the same. The 5G radio is also 51% lighter than older versions, includes a more compact design and contains enhanced energy management features.

This deployment forms a large part of the 5G connectivity strategy being pursued by the telecommunications business. As part of their future-proofed 5G network, Vodafone UK have placed sustainability and efficient energy management at the forefront of their vision. Due to the success of this trial, Vodafone UK are expected to continue the partnership with Ericsson to find innovative new ways to manage energy consumption effectively.

Written by Fri 10 Sep 2021


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