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Virtus to invest £2.5bn in 300MW AI data centre in Germany

Written by Thu 14 Sep 2023

Virtus Data Centres has announced a £2.5 billion ($3.1 billion) investment in a data centre campus optimised for AI workloads.

The UK-based digital infrastructure provider’s new campus will be in Wustermark, 12km from Berlin’s city limits.

The campus will span 350,000sqm, with an expected capacity of 300MW.

“This transformative project sets a new benchmark in mega-scale data centre capacity for cloud and AI in Europe, with an innovative approach to the use of sustainable power, waste heat re-use and technology,” said the company in statement.

Virtus has also partnered with a local grid operator. They plan to tap into a key renewable energy grid supply point. Up to 70% will come from nearby onshore wind farms and other renewable sources.

Virtus expects the first phase of the AI data centre campus to come online in 2026.

In May, Virtus announced plans to expand outside of the UK, with a new 90MVA data centre campus in Berlin.

Established in 2008, Virtus rapidly expanded its footprint in the London area. Currently, it operates four data centre campuses in the UK.

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Written by Thu 14 Sep 2023

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