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Virtual HPC Tour: A peek inside the HLRS Hawk supercomputer

Written by Wed 3 Jun 2020

HPE and AMD collaborate to provide a rare inside look into one of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers

AMD has launched a never-seen-before 360 virtual tour of the flagship supercomputer ‘Hawk’ at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) of the University of Stuttgart, Germany. The recently inaugurated Hawk system is among the fastest supercomputers worldwide and the fastest general-purpose system for scientific and industrial computing in Europe.

The Hawk system consists of 44 racks provided by over 5,600 compute nodes, summing up to over 720,000 compute cores of 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors. It also packed with an Apollo System from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The supercomputer is designed to advance applications in energy, climate, mobility and health, with a peak performance of approximately 26 petaflops (26 quadrillion floating-point operations per second).

Take a look at the Virtual Tour below, which includes an interview with Dr. Bastian Koller, Managing Director at HLRS, who explains how the system works and its applications.

Written by Wed 3 Jun 2020


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