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Video conference call etiquette tips for remote workers 

Written by Mon 23 Mar 2020

Tips for remote workers

Here are some key tips on getting video conference calls right for remote workers 

Technology is enabling some people to carry on working from home in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

But as videos shared on social media have shown, they can end in embarrassment if not done correctly.

So here are some tips on holding the most professional conference call possible.

Pick a quiet space

Choose an area of your home where you are least likely to experience disruption, furthest away from other people indoors if possible.

Does your room face a noisy street? Consider moving to a room on the other side.

It is best to close windows and doors too, to avoid any unexpected sounds.

Make others aware

Make everybody in your household aware of what you are doing and that they should stay away until you leave.

Put a sign on your door as an extra precaution.

Test your devices before going into the call

Avoid technical issues by testing your kit is running normally before going into the call.

Dress appropriately

A full suit might be a bit much, but sitting in a conference call in your lounge wear or tracksuit bottoms might not go down too well, so wear something appropriate.

Ensure your surroundings are tidy

A messy background is not a great look either, so try to clean up at least what is in view of the camera.

It does not need to be perfect, but at least clear.

Don’t forget you’re being watched

People will see every movement, action and hand gesture you make, so do not get caught doing something embarrassing to your face.

And even though you are not in the same room together, good manners should still apply when coughing or sneezing.

Position your camera

Centre yourself in the camera, ensuring it is face-on and not too low or high.

Put your phone on silent

Avoid unnecessary disruptions from beeping phones and other devices by simply putting them on silent for the duration of the call.

Have a glass of water ready

Everyone comes prepared to a physical meeting with refreshments, and a video conference call should be no different, so make sure a glass of water is close by.

Check the call is definitely over

Do not get caught off guard when you think the call is finished. Double-check it is completely over before letting your hair down.

Written by Mon 23 Mar 2020


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