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Vertiv launches first Lithium-ion single-phase UPS

Written by Tue 3 Mar 2020

Data centre giant claims new lithium-ion models reduce TCO by up to 50 percent

Ohio-based data centre specialist Vertiv has launched its first single-phase UPS with next-generation lithium-ion batteries.

The new lithium-ion-based Liebert PSI5 comes in 1,500VA and 3,000VA capabilities and is available now in the US and Canada.

Vertiv is touting the UPS as a “natural fit” for edge deployments where IT support is limited, as lithium-ion batteries offer increased runtime and reduced maintenance requirements. The company claimed the new model doubles UPS battery life and reduces TCO by up to 50 percent.

The new UPS will also come with a five-year warranty and a battery management system (BMS) that provides real-time monitoring of battery conditions.

A lithium-ion UPS typically costs double that of a traditional lead-acid UPS. But in an interview with CRN, Joe Scarci, director of offering management for Vertiv in the Americas, said the company plans to disrupt the market by offering the new range at a competitive price point.

“With the [new Liebert] PSI5 lithium-ion UPS, we’re taking that 100 percent premium and we’re going to price at a 25 percent premium over our lead-acid products,” Scarci said. “So it’s going to be a dramatic change in the market. It really is a game-changer.”

Liebert PSI5 lithium-ion UPS are also eligible for Vertiv’s Trade-In Program, which enables customers to trade in old single-phase UPS from both Vertiv and other manufacturers for discounted pricing on new models.

“More and more digital applications are being shifted to the edge of the network, where on-site IT support is limited, yet they are no less critical than most enterprise data centers and need the same level of power protection,” said Ramesh Menon, vice president and general manager of single phase UPS for Vertiv.

“Lithium-ion batteries are a perfect choice for edge sites because they bring reliable, ‘set it and forget it’ performance with an attractive TCO. The Liebert PSI5 with lithium-ion batteries eliminates the frequent battery refreshes required with VRLA batteries and enables savings and stability for IT managers with edge facilities,” he added.

Last month, Vertiv published a report warning that enterprise data centres are not ready for the rise in data volumes that 5G and IoT will bring about.

“As today’s data centre evolves to incorporate enterprise, cloud and edge resources, thorough planning and foresight is needed to meet organisational computing requirements and business objectives,” commented Martin Olsen, vice president of Global Edge Systems for Vertiv.

Written by Tue 3 Mar 2020


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