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Verne Global to manage Volta data centre in London

Written by Thu 22 Sep 2022

Verne Global Data Centre

Verne Global has announced that Volta Data Centres will operate under the Verne Global brand effective immediately. This is expected to provide better connections throughout northern Europe, specifically between Iceland and the UK.

The Volta data centre, located in the City of London since 2013, offer low-latency connectivity to the organizations in the heart of the city’s financial district. Verne Global’s data centre is in Iceland. Consolidating operations allows customers to flexibly move workloads between London and Iceland based on need and preference, optimizing performance and minimizing the environmental impact of data centre services.

The Icelandic data centre has been optimized for high-intensity workloads and is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The facility will operate 40MW capacity as of next year, but the initial site plan allows expansion up to 100 MW in the future.

Dominic Ward, CEO of Verne Global, emphasized the potential for organizations to optimize their processes by spreading them out between the two locations. “With two complementary, best-in class data centres, we can now offer enterprises more voice over where to locate their applications.”

“Our experience suggests that less than ten percent of workloads need to be in metropolitan areas. The rest can be located anywhere in the world. Yet historically, many organizations place their applications in one spot – often in locations with severe space and power constraints or inappropriate cost profiles.”

With the option to move workloads out of the London data centre to the Verne Iceland facility, businesses can optimize processes and control costs as well as reducing environmental impact.

Verne Global’s facility boasts 80% power savings and 100% customer satisfaction, in addition to being powered by 100% renewable energy.

Earlier this year, Volta Data Centres was acquired by D9 Infrastructure plc for £45 million, shortly after D9 purchased Verne Global. At the time, Jack Waters, chair of D9 noted, “Data centers form a key part of the digital infrastructure backbone. The acquisition of Volta, which was a pipeline investment identified at IPO, adds to our portfolio of data centers which are in key connectivity locations, as D9 continues to build an integrated platform, driving connectivity throughout its investments.”

Written by Thu 22 Sep 2022


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