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Vantage Data Centers appeals rejected data centre application in Dublin

Written by Thu 6 Jul 2023

Vantage Data Centers has appealed the rejection of a new data centre application in Dublin, Ireland. 

The data centre operator filed the application in April 2023 for permission to demolish a two-story residential building and outbuildings. The site is located on 3.79 hectares of land on New Nangor Road in Profile Park.

If approved, Vantage Data Centers was expected to develop a single two-storey data centre with a plant at roof level. The facility was set to have a floorspace of 12,893 sqm, including 13 emergency backup generators and photovoltaic panels at the roof level.

The initial application was rejected on grounds of energy use and environmental impact. South Dublin County Council said the application did not include adequate assessment of the potential impacts of the proposed development on the receiving environment.

The council also noted that the data centre lacked a fixed connection agreement to the grid, significant onsite renewable energy to power the proposed development, evidence provided in relation to engagement with the Power Purchase Agreements in Ireland.

Profile Park is already the home to data centres owned by CyrusOne, Google, and Digital Reality.

The application for Vantage Data Centers’ new facility known as Building 13 was rejected in May 2023. Since then, Vantage Data Centers has submitted an appeal in June 2023. The case will be decided at the end of October 2023.

Vantage gained an advantage in 2021

In 2021, Vantage Data Centers successfully gained permission to develop two data centre buildings in Profile Park, Dublin. The successful application requested the demolition of a house and outbuildings. The data centres known as Building 11 and Building 12 were valued at £39 million (€46 million) and are set to cover 8.7 hectares.

Building 11 will include 22 emergency generators, while Building 12 will have 11 emergency generator. Each of the data centres were planned to included data storage rooms, maintenance and storage spaces, loading bays, plant rooms alongside office administration areas.

Once completed, Buildings 11 and 12 will be Vantage Data Centers’ first facilities in Ireland.

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Written by Thu 6 Jul 2023

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