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Updated National Cyber Strategy set to focus on security industrial base

Written by Wed 6 Oct 2021

Set to be published later this year, the next version of the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy is expected to build on success over the past five years. According to Tracy Buckingham, deputy director of security and cyber security exports at the Department of International Trade, there are three core tenants of this future-forward strategy.

Placing the UK at the centre of global cyber power through establishing an advantage through science and technology is the first stage of this process. Next, a solid and innovative industrial base that can create cutting-edge cyber security products is vital. Finally, a stronger relationship between government, business and academics should be foster to benefit from the advantages this collaboration brings.

“This will be reflected in the upcoming National Cyber strategy,” said Buckingham. “The next strategy will build on past successes as well as the vision set out by the integrated review [whitepaper],” as reported by IT Pro.

The most recent National Cyber Strategy has resulted in a number of successes, including being responsible for the creation of the National Security Cyber Centre (NCSC), according to Buckingham. In the past year alone, the NCSC has responded to more than 720 major incidents, illustrating the tangible impact it’s having on keeping the country safe in an increasingly complex cyber security environment.

Buckingham also notes that through a range of growth programmes, mentoring, networking, finance opportunities and international trade missions, the UK government has supported over 300 cyber security companies.

Earlier this year in August, the NCSC worked with five UK startups in a bid to solve some of the most pressing cyber threats facing the country. This scheme follows on from the Cyber Accelerator programme that supported more than 40 technology firms to fundraise over £100 million of investment.

Written by Wed 6 Oct 2021


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