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UK police arrest 7 young adults in hacking investigation

Written by Tue 5 Apr 2022

In an investigation into hacking group Lapsus$, which has claimed responsibility for a number of high profile cyberattacks, the City of London Police say they have arrested seven people who are alleged to have a connection to the group.


Major companies including Microsoft, Okra and Nvidia were the alleged victims of Lapsus$. These arrests came soon after a teenager was reported to have been arrested in Oxford under suspicion of being the mastermind behind Lapsus$. The teenager had his personal information leaked by a hacking website recently, which contains details about his address, name and social media.

The father of the arrested teenager told the BBC in a report: “I had never heard about any of this until recently. He’s never talked about any hacking, but he is very good on computers and spends a lot of time on the computer. I always thought he was playing games.”

The number of victims of the hacking group have grown in recent months, with just a few days ago access management company Okta and its sub-processor Sitel saying they too had been on the receiving end of a security breach in January that affected up to 366 customers.

Microsoft also announced that Lapsus$ had been able to gain limited access after an attack. While only a very limited amount of information is known about the hacking group, it is unclear how these arrests will impact what had been a quickly growing cyber criminal network.

Detective Inspector Michael O’Sullivan, from the City of London Police, said: “The City of London Police has been conducting an investigation with its partners into members of a hacking group. Seven people between the ages of 16 and 21 have been arrested in connection with this investigation and have all been released under investigation. Our inquiries remain ongoing.”

Written by Tue 5 Apr 2022


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