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One fifth of UK organisations yet to adopt data or analytics tools

Written by Tue 14 Apr 2020

Research indicates large number of UK businesses flying blind when it comes to business analytics and struggling with time-intensive manual processes

Almost a fifth of organisations in the UK are not using any data analytics tools across their business, new research has revealed.

Data analytics company TrueCue, launched by global technology firm Concentra this year, interviewed 100 data and IT professionals at London’s Big Data & AI World last March, to understand how they were currently analysing data within their organisation.

They discovered a large number of the nation’s organisations are still reliant on skilled workers to perform manual processes that would take computers seconds to complete.

“With the widespread availability of modern data platforms and intelligence solutions, it is not acceptable to have skilled knowledge workers carrying out repetitive tasks that can be completed in a fraction of the time by a computer,” said  Tim Archer, Analytics Director, TrueCue.

“There are simply too many businesses which are manually managing their critical data processes, and this is heaping huge pressures on key person dependencies within organisations,” Archer added.

The company added that the coronavirus pandemic is shining a light on the importance of data and analytics automation within organisations.

It said those which have integrated business-wide data and analytics systems will be able to properly build resilience into their planning and forecasting for the financial year ahead, while those still reliant on manual processes risk flying blind.

“Businesses will be looking at their plans for the year whilst building budgets, forecasting and allocating funds for investments in FY20/21,” said Archer.

“Businesses need to be able to consider an array of possibilities, and it is critical they can access all the data they need on historic performance to run a series of future-looking scenarios to understand what position they could be left in when we come out of the other side of COVID-19,” he added.

Launched in March, TrueCue is an analytics product and services “brand” seeking to challenge the $40 billion dollar cloud data warehousing market. TrueCue combines TrueCue Services, a 25 person-strong consultancy offering, and the TrueCue smart data warehouse automation platform itself, which was previously known as DataPlus. Read Techerati’s recent interview with James Don-Carolis, TrueCue’s managing director, here.

Written by Tue 14 Apr 2020


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