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UK Government announces new AI rulebook

Written by Fri 22 Jul 2022

UK Government

At a time when artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly commonplace, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have published a policy paper that sets out regulation of artificial intelligence and takes a more decentralised approach compared to the EU.

The new AI paper defines six core principles that regulators like Ofcom and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will utilise in their work. These include ensuring that AI is used safely, in a transparent way and also to be explainable. It will be up to each regulator to both interpret and implement these principles.

The UK Government has also put out a call for evidence to industry experts, academics and civil society organisations for a forthcoming AI White paper. Innovation and empowerment are at the centre of this proposal that seeks to differ from the more unified approach taken by EU regulators.

A contextual approach like this does have its benefits from enabling flexibility for businesses but a lack of clearly defined standards can also result in confusion over exactly what is required by companies. Focusing on unlocking the benefits of AI will be a welcome move by forward-looking UK enterprises that want to stay competitive in a global AI ecosystem.

According to UK Government Digital Minister, Damian Collins, this proposal is aimed to empower businesses and ensure that citizens are protected as AI continues to evolve.

“It is vital that our rules offer clarity to businesses, confidence to investors and boost public trust. Our flexible approach will help us shape the future of AI and cement our global position as a science and tech superpower,” said Collins.

By comprehensively addressing both the challenges and benefits that AI can bring to the UK economy and society as a whole, the proposal sets out a ten-year plan that aims to make the UK a leading AI nation.

Written by Fri 22 Jul 2022


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