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UK edge data centre solution provider DataQube files for insolvency

Written by Thu 31 Aug 2023

Image of DataQube data centre

UK edge data centre solution provider DataQube has filed for insolvency, following a creditors’ meeting held on 29 August.

The meeting discussed the nomination of liquidators and the potential formation of a liquidation committee. If a committee is not formed, creditors are asked to deliberate on the payment of costs associated with company’s statement of affairs and nomination of liquidators.

Those that attended the meeting also considered the remuneration and disbursements of the joint liquidators.

In a balance sheet filing on 31 December 2021, the company reported an equity of -£196,681, a sharp decline from the previous year’s balance of £29,159. This negative equity was accompanied by reported escalating debts to its creditors.

In a related development, DataQube CEO Stephen John Pass registered a new business named Iconic Data Centres with Companies House on 19 July 2023.

Iconic’s official website highlighted its long-standing relationships with major suppliers in the data centre supply chain and offers edge data centre solutions.

Image Source: DataQube

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Written by Thu 31 Aug 2023

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