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UK data centre power continuity plans under the spotlight

Written by Wed 25 Sep 2019

Data Centre

Survey suggests a quarter of UK energy decision makers have no power contingency plan in place

A new report has urged UK data centres to reevaluate their power contingency plans amid increasing energy outages.

The report, commissioned by temporary power generation equipment supplier Aggreko, said data centres risk costly downtime if contingency plans are not urgently addressed and that power irregularity and ageing equipment are increasing the risk of outages.

In its survey of 200 UK energy decision makers, Aggreko discovered that 25 percent of decision makers do not even have a contingency plan in place and criticised growing complacency towards power continuity, despite 82 percent of UK businesses describing the problem as a ‘major or significant concern’.

The company said those with contingency plans should ensure they’re up to date and advises data centres to consider decentralised energy supplies given the strain facilities are placing on the national grid.

The report adds that up to date contingency plans reduce insurance premiums, increase the speed of activation in the event outages, and protect reputations.

Chris Rason, UK managing director of Aggreko commented: “We have seen a growing number of headlines about the fragility of the national grid and many companies appear ill-prepared for the impact. Whether it is the recent power outage experienced across London and the surrounding areas, or the fluctuating climate causing coolers to fail, UK industry cannot afford to sit back and wait for things to improve.”

“Unfortunately, power outages and equipment failure is becoming a common occurrence and as a result, companies must think seriously about their current plans. Running the risk of losing power is unthinkable and avoidable and we hope that our report helps to answer some of the questions companies may have about contingency plans,” he added.

Written by Wed 25 Sep 2019


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