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UK CIOs bottom of global workflow digitisation rankings

Written by Thu 25 Jul 2019

UK CIOs are failing to recognise the importance of workflow digitisation

A CIO survey conducted by Oxford Economics for ServiceNow has found that UK CIOs are putting the least amount of budget aside for workflow digitisation compared to other countries.

The global survey, that interviewed 516 CIOs, also revealed that nearly two-thirds of CIOs consider business and leadership skills to be more important than tech skills.

ServiceNow said the most successful CIOs are those who have made the most progress towards digitising workflows.

However, in its global CIO rankings, the service management as a service company said UK CIOs are only modestly increasing digitisation budgets and are falling behind their international counterparts.

Only 38 percent of UK CIOs said they have “significantly increased budget dedicated to digitisation strategy”, compared to 82 percent of  US CIOs, 51 percent of German CIOs and 48 percent of Singapore CIOs.

As a company that specialises in digitising IT and employee workflows, it’s no surprise that ServiceNow would talk up the importance of workflow digitisation.

However, although initially complicated to integrate, ServiceNow has become a popular platform with which to track and manage business processes and is particularly popular with IT departments.

ServiceNow says the most successful CIOs acknowledge the importance of workflow digitisation to advancing their organisations’ efficiency (80 percent), financial performance (78 percent), productivity (77 percent), employee performance (76 percent), collaboration (76 percent), and innovation (75 percent).

“CIOs have the opportunity to take centre stage in leading a transformational change for their organisations,” said Chris Pope, vice-president of innovation of ServiceNow.

“Building C-suite influence, focusing externally at employee and customer experiences, and changing the operating model through workflow digitisation are key to unlocking high performance.”

Written by Thu 25 Jul 2019


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