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Top ways to deal with the great cybersecurity talent shortage

Written by Thu 9 Feb 2023

The global cybersecurity sector is facing intense challenges, including a significant talent shortage.

Advancing threats are adding to these problems. From security breaches related to remote working, to new threats from innovative cybercriminals.

Research from the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study found that despite adding close to half a million new workers in 2022, the cybersecurity workforce gap has grown twice as much as the workforce itself.

A staggering 3,500,000 more cybersecurity workers are needed to fill this gap.

Many companies are looking for ways to address this gap, including upskilling internal staff, automating work and outsourcing.

Mitigating cybersecurity talent shortages

No single solution or sliver bullet exists that can close this gap, but almost two-thirds (64%) of organisations are investing in training to address this cybersecurity talent shortage. In practice, this means that businesses are offering a range of courses and tests for their staff that may enable them to work on more complex tasks. Not only will current employees benefit from gaining new qualifications and skills, jobseekers and other potential employees may view the business as more attractive due to the learning opportunities available.

Fostering workplace mentorship and development programs, whether they be formal or informal, is an effective way to share knowledge and support those in the early stages of their career. More experienced workers can also benefit from learning newer skills, especially around digital security issues.

While hiring new cybersecurity staff can be extremely challenging at a time when their skills are in high demand, making an effort to retain in-house talent is essential. The (ISC)² study finds that providing staff with more flexible working conditions is the most popular way (64%) firms are trying to prevent cybersecurity staff shortages.

In situations where staff are difficult to find and their skills are urgently needed, companies can look to outsource some cybersecurity tasks. This may not be a long-term solution to the problem but it can help in the immediate, and in cases where local or regional talent is hard to hire.

With the data showing that the cybersecurity talent shortage is only set to grow, companies that want to ensure they are as protected as possible in an increasingly dangerous security environment would benefit from implementing some of these options to remain competitive.

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Written by Thu 9 Feb 2023

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