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Top five cybersecurity trends to watch in 2023

Written by Thu 19 Jan 2023

DXC Technology, a Fortune 500 global technology services firm, have identified five cybersecurity trends impacting businesses and lives in 2023.

There’s no question that cybersecurity concerns have grown significantly in recent years, with ransomware and phishing attacks impacting companies of all sizes. Pandemic-related lockdowns have led to more people working at home and opened doors for more flexible working, but with this comes increased risk of cyberattacks.

“Keeping pace will be a challenge, especially if quantum computing enters the fray in the coming years, which could see today’s defenses breached in seconds,” said Mark Hughes, President of Security at DXC Technology.

1. AI will impact cybersecurity arms race

Both cybercriminals and cybersecurity professionals are expected to make use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to gain an upper hand. The DXC team expects AI-based security controls and response mechanisms to be more ubiquitous for businesses in 2023. These solutions will help reduce downtime and protect critical data.

“The cybersecurity arms race is an apt analogy – the right side must win,” said Mark Hughes.

2. Metaverse will expand along with cybersecurity risks

As the Metaverse continues to grow, DXC Technology highlighted the importance of ensuring the identity of the person or company you think you are interacting with is accurate and not a false actor.

Digital certificates built on blockchain technology could go some way to verifying the identity of users and securing virtual transactions in the Metaverse.

3. Geo-political cybersecurity attacks are set to increase

In recognition of the growing use of cyberattacks in modern warfare, particularly in the Russian attacks on Ukraine, companies need to be aware of the risk of state-sanctioned cyber attacks. What’s more, 70 countries will hold government elections in 2023, which are often targets of state-sponsored threat actors.

DXC Technology acknowledges that Ukraine’s defense has been ‘exemplary’. Nevertheless, cyber insurance policies are now being written to exclude acts of cyberwar, creating extra challenges in mitigating risks.

4. Critical national infrastructures will grow as an attack target

Cybercriminals are predicted to take advantage of the growing energy crisis. When there is a blackout or access to gas is cut, the first fingers will not be pointed at an industrial cybersecurity breaches, making systems that control and automate infrastructure like power stations and dams an accessible target for threat actors.

Industries are advised to improve their cybersecurity protection across operations, particularly as geopolitical tensions continue alongside the energy crisis.

“While AI can automate threat detection and elimination, the underlying processes are based on an understanding of past activity, which will incentivise cybercriminals to come up with new types of attacks,” added Hughes.

5. Cybersecurity careers will become more attractive

Due to the growing number and complexity of cyberattacks, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more cybersecurity workers are required at firms across the world.

Currently, there is an estimated global shortfall of 3.4 million cybersecurity workers, and counting. In the UK, there are approximately 1,000 cybersecurity opportunities for graduates listed on the GradCracker careers portal.

“The inclusivity of the cybersecurity space extends to neurodiversity. The growth of the cyber threat creates career opportunities for people of all backgrounds,” said Hughes.

DXC Technology delivers a Dandelion Program, which helps individuals with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological conditions build careers in IT, including cybersecurity.

These five cybersecurity trends will help to increase the speed and complexity of cybertreats during 2023 and beyond, but the ability to apply the latest technologies, approaches and talent to tackle them will also gather pace.

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Written by Thu 19 Jan 2023

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