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The rise of Microsoft Azure

Written by Wed 30 Mar 2022

In a few short years, cloud computing has become of central importance for many businesses and their operations. Yet, with the large range of cloud platforms and solutions on offer in the space, it can be difficult for organisations to decide on a cloud strategy.

Azure, Microsoft’s DevOps offer, is quickly becoming the platform of choice for many businesses, with 95% of Fortune 500 companies using Azure. There are a number of reasons for the popularity of Azure, with the scale and speed that this platform can offer all businesses being a major draw.

Embracing Azure gives teams the opportunity to build, test and finally deploy a range of new applications quickly. Advanced machine learning and AI technologies also enable firms to quickly process huge amounts of data, analyse it and receive actionable results that can have a genuine impact on the bottom line.

With Microsoft investing over $1 billion every year on cyber security research and development, Azure has a great deal of security layers that protect sensitive business data. The technology firm also says that they have over 90 compliance offerings, which is the largest portfolio in the industry.

In an increasingly uncertain and complex operating environment for many businesses, the flexibility of Azure makes it a clear choice for fast growing organisations. If a business is going through a rapid stage of growth, all they have to do to access more resources is to upgrade their service and they will then have the storage and computing they need at that time. If the services are no longer required, they are easy to reduce and can go to a more flexible plan.

For businesses that are just starting out with cloud computing, the educational resources and support offered by Azure can help make the transition to be as smooth as possible and enable businesses to test out features that will benefit them the most.

Written by Wed 30 Mar 2022


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