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The Future of Technology Explored at First-Ever Data & AI Leaders’ Summit Paris 2023 

Written by Mon 11 Mar 2024

CloserStill Media’s Data & AI Leaders’ Summit Paris 2023 became a nexus for thought leadership and innovation.

The inaugural event featured an array of sessions and discussions led by industry luminaries and experts, addressing the evolving landscape of data and AI.

Data & AI Leaders’ Summit Paris is part of Tech Show Paris, which brings together five leading events, including Cloud Expo Europe Paris, DevOps Live Paris, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Data & AI Leaders’ Summit Paris, and Data Centre World Paris.

Diverse Insights and Groundbreaking Discussions 

Highlights included an opening keynote from NASA on digital transformation, drawing lessons from outer space.

A fantastic panel of female leaders from Apple, Spotify, and Women at LinkedIn discussed inclusive leadership. The panel was moderated by Caroline Ramade from 50inTech, an organisation championing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the tech industry.

This was followed by a networking session, facilitating exchanges on DEI and encouraging women into positions of leadership within tech.

FIFA and the French Federation of Rugby also shared how data analytics enhance sports experiences and athlete performance.

Meanwhile, a panel featuring Chanel, La Banque Postale, SOMA, and Alain Afflelou Franchiseurs delved into the democratisation of AI for businesses. The panel was moderated by Télécom Paris – IP Paris.

Benoit Rigaut, Director of Digital Technology and Innovation at Chanel, said: “I attended the show because I like to keep abreast of what’s going on in my domain. I especially value being able to highlight what innovations Chanel is currently creating.”

Government Insight and Future Themes 

The summit also included contributions from the French Ministry of Culture and La Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (The Directorate General of Public Finance), underscoring the event’s relevance to public sector transformation.

Exhibitor Showcase and Strategic Partnerships 

Top exhibitors like Cleyrop, Deloitte, Safebrain, Delos Intelligence, Ba Labs, Soma, Tosit, and Barc presented cutting-edge solutions.

Partnerships with entities like Management & Datascience, Finance Mag, and Datacraft facilitated collaboration and knowledge sharing across the sector.

VIP Participation and Audience Engagement 

The summit attracted VIP visitors from leading companies such as Air France, AXA, Bouygues, Carrefour, LCL, and Vinci. This highlighted the event’s importance to corporate strategy.

The diverse audience, including a significant number of Heads of Data (58%), CIOs (15%), and CDOs (13%), reflected the Summit’s role as a pivotal gathering for decision-makers in the tech industry.

The Data & AI Leaders’ Summit Paris 2023 served as a platform for discussing the future of data and AI, showcasing innovations and strategies that will shape the digital landscape in the years to come.

The 2024 program promises to celebrate the latest AI innovations, setting the stage for future discussions on technology’s role in society and business.

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Written by Mon 11 Mar 2024

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