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The Ardonagh Group Announces Data and Risk Management Centre in Ireland

Written by Thu 15 Jul 2021

The UK’s largest independent insurance broker, the Ardonagh Group, has announced the launch of the Ardonagh Global Data and Risk Management Centre later this month.

The Centre will be located in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, and is intended to provide data and analytics services to Ardonagh and its partners, improving insurance products and services.

The new Data and Risk Management Centre is expected to bring 60 new jobs to the region. Ardonagh has stated its intention to work alongside the nearby Athlone Institute of Technology to offer advanced career opportunities to Athlone graduates.

The concept for the Centre was created by Conor Brennan, CEO of Arachas Insurance, Ireland’s largest insurance broker. Mr Brennan not only conceptualized the Centre but also obtained support for the project and significant monetary support from the Irish government.

Mr Brennan noted that the location of the Centre was carefully chosen, saying, “We considered many locations worldwide as a home for this centre, but ultimately, the Westmeath area stood out as a home for local talent and high quality of life. At Arachas, we are delighted to be extending the presence of Ardonagh in Ireland, a further nod to the Celtic roots of the Ardonagh brand.”

The use of data analytics is growing in the insurance industry, as the global market size is expected to triple from 2019-2027, growing from 7 billion to nearly 23 billion USD per year. Data analytics are being used for predictive modelling, rating adjustments, risk management, customer support, IoT integrations, and more.

David Ross, CEO of the Ardonagh Group, spoke extensively about the different ways that the new Data and Risk Management Centre will support the company’s 7000+ clients and partners.

“Our Global Data and Risk Management Centre will focus entirely on improved outcomes for every participant in the value chain; forensically investigating our pool of data to build an improved understanding of risk, examining possible future outcomes and working with clients and insurer partners in preparation for the unknown.

“This skilled understanding and interpretation of our data will enable improved products with bespoke terms which accurately answer the needs of customers across the Group, from our bike and car owners in Carole Nash and Swinton, right through to our newly created reinsurance unit, Inver Re. This investment with the Irish Government into an absolute focus on being one step ahead will be at the heart of every risk we manage.”

Written by Thu 15 Jul 2021


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