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Telefonica Germany to migrate 1M 5G users to AWS cloud

Written by Wed 8 May 2024

Telecommunications company, Telefonica Germany, plans to migrate one million 5G users to Amazon Web Services (AWS) this month as part of its strategy to enter the global telecoms market.

Reuters reported this decision is a ‘global first’ where an existing mobile operator is switching its core network to a public cloud.

Historically cloud computing services firms like Amazon and Microsoft have been attempting to move into the telecoms sector. However, operators were sceptical about the capabilities of public clouds in managing a mobile network.

“I want to see it working for at least one to two quarters and have a roadmap to move at least 30-40% of my customer base by 2025-2026,” said Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer at O2 Telefonica.

Estimated to have around 45 million customers in Germany, Telefonica is initiating a migration that will attract attention from other networks and cloud providers. While financial details between AWS and O2 Telefonica are still pending confirmation, the move to AWS’s cloud offers Telefonica potential benefits like reduced costs and increased scalability.

As a global company with a robust presence in 12 countries, including the UK, Germany, Spain, and Brazil, Telefonica is strategically positioning itself in the telecoms market. 

Telefonica is not the first to rely on the public cloud for core operations. In 2022, US-based, Dish, said it will deploy the first stand-alone, cloud-native, autonomous 5G network on AWS. 

AWS said the company envisioned ‘a complete cloud-native 5G network with all its functions, except minimal components of the Radio Access Network (RAN), running in the cloud with fully automated network deployment and operations.

However, this transition was smoother due to the absence of existing systems that needed modification to align with the cloud.

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Written by Wed 8 May 2024

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