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Tech Show London conference programme unveiled for 2024

Written by Mon 29 Jan 2024

Tech Show London conference programme unveiled for 2024

Tech Show London has revealed its comprehensive conference programme for 2024. Big names include a former Dragons’ Den investor, UK Government representatives, and C-Levels from global organisations.

The award-winning event brings together five leading shows: Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Big Data & AI World, and Data Centre World. Attendees can access everything with one free ticket.

Tech Show London Mainstage 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Technology

The Tech Show London Mainstage is set to offer a compelling lineup of speakers addressing key issues in technology, ranging from sustainability and ethics to the profound impact of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data. Discussions on diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership within technology-driven workplace cultures will also be covered.

  • Professor Brian Cox’s session promises to stretch the boundaries of imagination and inspire attendees to think about how cosmic phenomena can influence and enhance technological innovation.
  • Piers Linney, Executive Chairman & Co‑Founder of Implement AI and former Dragon’s Den investor will explore the concept of the augmented human workforce, looking ahead to 2024 and beyond.
  • Tom Read, CEO of the Government Digital Service & Gina Gill, Chief Digital & Information Officer of the Ministry of Justice will engage in a fireside chat about the evolution of government services in the digital age.
  • Anne Boden, Founder of Starling Bank will address the critical role of AI in fostering inclusivity, particularly for women.

Join Tech Show London

6-7 March 2024, ExCeL London

Be a part of the latest tech conversations and discover pioneering innovations.

You won’t want to miss one of the most exciting technology events of the year.

Cloud Expo Europe: Charting the Course of Cloud Innovation

Cloud Expo Europe is set to be a pivotal platform for cloud computing professionals. The event promises an unparalleled chance to hear from some of the industry’s most influential figures about the latest in cloud adoption, optimisation, and the journey to cloud maturity.

  • Georgina Owens, CTO at William Hill, will share her expertise on leveraging cloud technologies in the high-stakes world of betting and gaming.
  • Katya Denike, Chief Product Officer at Holland & Barrett, will delve into ‘Revolutionising Retail: Holland & Barrett’s Digital Transformation Journey’. This session will explore how the health and wellness retailer is navigating its digital transformation, with a particular focus on leveraging cloud technologies to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency.
  • Marvi Cotone, Head of Agile Delivery Management at HM Courts & Tribunal Services, will discuss ‘Revolutionising Digital Landscapes: Navigating Technical Challenges and Delivering Value’. Attendees will learn about the public sector’s unique challenges and opportunities in adopting cloud technologies to improve service delivery.
  • James Complin, Director of Azure Engineering at London Stock Exchange Group, will present on “Soaring Skills in the Cloud Generation.” This talk will highlight the critical skills needed in the evolving cloud landscape and how professionals can stay ahead in their careers by mastering cloud technologies.
  • Ross Gaskell, Software Engineer Manager at BBC, will explore how businesses can ‘Embrace the Future, Thrive as a Cloud-led Business’. This session will provide insights into how one of the world’s leading broadcasters is utilising cloud technologies to innovate content delivery and engage with global audiences.

Join Cloud Expo Europe

6-7 March 2024, ExCeL London

Join the UK’s largest gathering of cloud professionals and business leaders to gain actionable advice and address critical cloud challenges.

DevOps Live: Spearheading DevOps Evolution

DevOps Live aims to shed light on the transformative practices reshaping the DevOps landscape. This segment is dedicated to offering insights from top industry professionals on breaking down barriers and enhancing organisational agility through DevOps methodologies.

  • Jason Morris, Head of SMB DevOps Enablement (Director) at Citi, will share his expertise on orchestrating high-performing DevOps teams in the demanding financial sector, providing insights into overcoming industry-specific challenges and driving efficiency through DevOps practices.
  • Julia Khromova, DevSecOps Excellence Lead at PepsiCo, presents ‘DevOps Dynamics: Strategies for Seamless Integration’. This session will delve into the integration challenges within large-scale enterprises and strategies to achieve seamless collaboration between development, security, and operations.
  • Sanmat Jhanjhari, DevOps Lead at Nationwide Building Society, will discuss ‘Building Resilient Pipelines: The Cornerstone of DevSecOps Security’. Attendees can expect to learn about constructing secure, efficient pipelines that form the backbone of any successful DevOps and security strategy.
  • Giada Binelli, Global Product Owner at Heineken, will explore ‘Transformative DevOps: Harnessing AI with Azure Machine Learning’. This talk will highlight the innovative use of AI and machine learning within DevOps workflows to enhance automation, prediction, and efficiency.
  • Leo Kraan, Director of Technology (Developer Experience) at Booking.com, will offer a deep dive into ‘Developer Experience at Booking.com'” This session aims to provide valuable insights into how one of the world’s leading travel fare aggregators optimises developer experience to foster innovation and agility.

Join DevOps Live

6-7 March 2024, ExCeL London

Join the DevOps community to get involved in a movement that will revolutionise your workplace.

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo: Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity

The Cloud & Cyber Security Expo invites participants to engage with the forefront of cybersecurity. The Expo explores the latest in threat detection, risk mitigation, and security protocols, which are crucial for safeguarding today’s ever-evolving digital landscapes.

  • Stu Hirst, CISO at Trustpilot, will bring his wealth of experience to the table, sharing best practices and innovative strategies for maintaining robust security postures in the fast-paced world of online reviews and customer feedback.
  • Sudarshan Ratnavelu, Head of Cyber Security at Lloyds Banking Group, presents ‘How Can You Safeguard Your Cloud? Mitigating Risks and Addressing Common Concerns’. This session will dive into the complexities of cloud security, offering insights on how businesses can protect their cloud environments against emerging threats.
  • Stuart Seymour, Director of Security (Group CISO and CSO) at Virgin Media O2, will discuss ‘Cybersecurity Synergy: Nurturing High-Performing Teams through Psychological Safety and Diversity’. Attendees can expect to learn about building and maintaining dynamic cybersecurity teams that thrive on diversity and a culture of safety.
  • Amanda Finch, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Information Security, will provide “Uncover Essential Insights for Cybersecurity Awareness Training.” This talk will highlight the importance of comprehensive awareness training in fostering a security-conscious culture within organisations.
  • Katharina West, Head of Information Governance and Data Protection at The Scottish Government, will explore how to ‘Inspire Your Workforce To Prioritise Data To Achieve Organisational And Cultural Ambitions’. This session aims to offer strategies for embedding data protection and security as core values within an organisation’s culture.

Join Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

6-7 March 2024, ExCeL London

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is one of the largest IT security events in Europe.

Don’t miss the chance to build partnerships and discover solutions to protect your business.

Big Data & AI World: Steering the Future with Data and AI

Big Data & AI World addresses the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the realms of big data and artificial intelligence. This segment promises enriching discussions aimed at enhancing business intelligence and driving strategic decisions through effective data management and AI innovations.

  • Imran Shafi OBE, Director of AI Policy at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, will outline ‘The UK Government’s AI priorities for 2024’, providing insights into the national strategy and objectives for integrating AI into public and private sector initiatives.
  • Kinnari Ladha, Chief Data Officer at Manchester Airports Group, will share her experiences and strategies in managing vast amounts of data in one of the UK’s busiest airports, emphasising the role of data in enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience.
  • Dr. Andy Moore, Chief Data Officer at Bentley Motors, presents ‘Bentley Motors & Data Literacy Academy: How to Build a Business-Wide Data Literacy Programme’. This session will delve into the importance of data literacy across all levels of an organisation and how Bentley Motors is leading the charge in fostering a data-driven culture.
  • Matt Hennessy, Chief Intelligence and Analytics Officer at NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, will discuss ‘Developing a Data Strategy within NHS’. Attendees will learn about the complexities and triumphs of implementing a cohesive data strategy within one of the world’s largest health service providers.
  • Simone Steel, Data Platforms, Data Office UK&I at Experian, will explore ‘Developing Sustainable Data Practices in Organisations’. This talk will highlight the importance of sustainable data management practices in ensuring long-term organisational success and compliance with evolving regulatory landscapes.
  • Emily Campbell-Ratcliffe, Head of AI Assurance at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, will address ‘Unveiling the Vital Role of Ethics in AI Conversations’. This session is set to emphasise the ethical considerations necessary in the development and application of AI technologies, ensuring that AI advances contribute positively to society.

Join Big Data & AI World

6-7 March 2024, ExCeL London

Be at the forefront of change with thousands of technologists, data specialists, and AI pioneers.

Don’t miss the biggest opportunities to advance your business into the future.

Data Centre World: What’s Next For Digital Infrastructure?

Data Centre World offers a deep dive into the latest trends and technological advancements in the data centre industry. This event covers a wide range of topics from hyperscale facilities to eco-efficient solutions and the impact of AI on data centre operations.

  • Rabih Bashroush, CEO at LTA and Professor at the University of East London, will share insights on optimising data centre efficiency and sustainability, drawing from his extensive research and industry experience.
  • Claudia Jaksch, CEO of Policy Connect, will discuss the role of policy and regulation in shaping the future of data centres, focusing on sustainability and innovation.
  • Chris Howes, Group Chief Digital and Information Officer at Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, will explore digital transformation within government services and its implications for data centre strategy and infrastructure.
  • Mansoor Hanif, Executive Director NEOM, The LINE Digital and Cognitive Solutions, will present groundbreaking approaches to building smart city infrastructures and their reliance on advanced data centre capabilities.
  • Nigel Houghton from the European Space Agency, will delve into the data centre needs of space exploration and research, highlighting unique challenges and solutions.
  • Jason Liggins, CEO of Crown Hosting Data Centres, will offer his perspective on public sector data centre partnerships and the evolving landscape of government IT infrastructure.
  • Dame Dawn Childs, CEO of Pure Data Centres Group, will discuss the strategies for developing and managing state-of-the-art data centre facilities to support the next generation of digital services.
  • Sarah Gray, Chief Commercial Officer at Quantum Switch, will explore the commercial aspects of data centre operations and the keys to successful client engagements in a competitive market.
  • Cliff Grossner, Chief Innovation Officer at the Open Compute Project Foundation, will lead a panel on ‘Best Practice for Cooling and Powering Large Scale AI Clusters’, discussing innovative solutions for the increasing heat loads generated by AI applications.
  • Courtney Popp, Director of Education Programs at Infrastructure Masons, will address the pressing issue of ‘Closing the Talent Gap: Addressing the Skill Shortage in the Data Centre Industry’, offering strategies to attract and retain skilled professionals in this rapidly evolving sector.
  • Richard Kenny, Managing Director at Interact, will share insights into the role of interconnectivity and collaboration in enhancing data centre services and infrastructure.
  • Jon Summers, Research Leader at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), will present on the challenges and opportunities of integrating Generative AI in data centre operations, particularly focusing on energy and cooling efficiencies.
  • Tor Bjorn Minde, Head of Unit at RISE, will also discuss the impact of Generative AI on data centres, offering a complementary perspective to Dr. Summers’ insights.

Join Data Centre World

6-7 March 2024, ExCeL London

Experience the world’s largest gathering of data centre professionals and end-users.

Don’t miss your chance to carve out successful strategies and find solutions that future-proof your next generation of data centres.

Written by Mon 29 Jan 2024

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