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Tech Show London 2024 to host key Women in Tech Networking event

Written by Wed 6 Mar 2024

Tech Show London Women in Tech Networking Event

In an effort to address the gender disparity in the UK’s tech sector, where only 16% of IT professionals are female and 7.5% of UK deep tech companies are founded by all-female teams, Tech Show London 2024 is set to host a Women in Tech Networking Event.

This initiative comes amid calls for increased investment in female-led ventures to bolster the UK’s tech superpower ambitions by 2030.

Despite the gender gap slightly narrowing — with women’s representation in the sector increasing from 30.9% to 34.1% — there remains significant work to be done.

A Platform for Women in Tech

The Women in Tech Networking Event promises an engaging hour-long session dedicated to networking with leading tech professionals, exchanging insights, and fostering meaningful connections.

Scheduled for 7 March 2024, from 12:00 to 13:00 at the Tech Show London VIP Lounge, the event aims to celebrate the achievements of women in technology, address ongoing challenges, and inspire the next generation of female tech leaders.

Attendees can look forward to complimentary refreshments while engaging in discussions that champion diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion within the tech industry.

Partnerships for a Brighter Future

In collaboration with Women in DevOps, SheCanCode, and Women in Cybersecurity, the event underscores a collective effort to promote a more inclusive tech sector.

By bringing together individuals and organisations committed to fostering diversity, the networking event at Tech Show London 2024 seeks to pave the way for a future that is more equal, equitable, inclusive, and diverse.

Written by Wed 6 Mar 2024

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