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Taiwan-based ITM reveals blockchain IoT collab with Microsoft and Qualcomm

Written by Mon 6 Jan 2020

ITM unveils 100kb blockchain SDK for IoT devices based on Azure Sphere chipset

Taiwan-based blockchain firm International Trust Machines Corp. (ITM) has touted a new blockchain SDK for Azure IoT chipsets that it claims improves the security and viability of edge-based blockchain applications.

ITM, which claimed  1st runner-up honours at the recent Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge 2019 (QITC 2019), claims it “co-developed” the solution with the American chipmaker and Microsoft.

The Taiwan blockchain specialist’s bitesize edge agent is certified for use in Microsoft Azure Sphere, Microsoft’s “secure environment” for IoT devices spanning OS, hardware and cloud services.

The SDK is also compatible with the chipset announced by Microsoft and Qualcomm in October as part of a broader partnership that will see the chipmaker develop dedicated mobile hardware for Microsoft’s IoT platform. The chipsets come preconfigured with Azure Sphere and boast “hardware-level” security.

Blockchain has been eyed as an important trend for IoT as enterprises seek to improve the security of the 31-billion IoT-connected devices expected to be active by 2020.

In addition, firms piloting blockchain concept applications that rely on IoT device data, such as supply chain tracking systems, are wrangling with security and scalability issues.

Enterprises need to guarantee devices connected to blockchain networks are as secure as they can be to avoid data breaches and manipulation. In addition, they want to be able to record huge volumes of data on public blockchain ledgers as efficiently as they can do on traditional databases.

ITM says its protocol offers “provides the first-ever solution” for clearing millions of off-chain data with a single main-chain transaction, massively expediting data processing on public blockchain networks.

“Scalability, privacy and cost are the common issues enterprises face. Most public chains face the difficulty of processing a large amount of data generated by IoT devices and that affects the scaling up of a company,” said Julian Chen, CEO of ITM.

“Meanwhile, it costs companies an exorbitant amount of money to have miners turn raw data into useful information. Concerns about data stored on a blockchain have also been raised owing to the lack of a mechanism to erase information after it’s been input.”

“We enable IoT innovations to be built on a solid foundation of security because we know this is the most crucial factor for companies. They are looking for assurance that their product, brand and clients are safely secured within the blockchain platforms.”

Written by Mon 6 Jan 2020


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