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Sysdig Open Source moves to secure cloud services

Written by Wed 18 May 2022

Unified container and cloud security firm Sysdig has announced that Sysdig Open Source, a popular incident response for containers, will now be extended to the cloud environment.

This open source tool offers IT teams the ability to access incident response software that can be observed in real-time to clearly identify the root causes of impactful security and performance problems.

Thanks to the recent announcement by Sysdig, these capabilities can now be utilised in any cloud environment, beyond containers. Building on a plugin framework, initially created by the open source community for the CNCF project Falco, the benefits of Sysdig Open Source can be brought to a wider range of sources, including Azure, Google, and AWS CloudTrail logs.

“If you want to see what is going on inside an application, Sysdig OSS gives you that record,” said Loris Degioanni, Founder and CTO of Sysdig. “Sysdig open source was the inspiration for Falco. While Falco will monitor and alert based on your policies, Sysdig open source will tell you what happened at a particular time, before and after the event. Having the ability to use both open source tools in the cloud is extremely powerful.”

With cloud-native applications being widely-considered to be complex, in part due to their numerous components, effectively debugging issues and receiving security alerts is a challenge for IT and security staff. The deployment of Sysdig Open Source enables firms to gain oversight of processes, file systems and network activity in real-time and a high level of clarity.

As one of the main factors limiting higher adoption of Kubernetes has been the complexity of the management platform, the extension of these container management tools by Sysdig may go some way to increase the uptake of Kubernetes by IT teams.

Written by Wed 18 May 2022


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