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Switch launches Amsterdam data centre

Written by Thu 6 Jun 2024

Switch Datacenters has announced a new data centre named AMS4, providing 15 to 18MW of capacity with a modular design and closed-loop cooling system.

The AMS4 data centre is created with a modular design, for greater scalability and adaptability. The closed-loop cooling system minimises water consumption and improves efficiency. The data centre runs on 100% green power and employs heat-capture technology, which will be delivered on the district heat grid to homes in the municipality of Diemen.

CEO of Switch Datacentres, Gregor Snip, emphasised the site’s commitment to sustainability.

“Our new data centre sets a new standard for sustainability in the industry by redeveloping existing industrial buildings, while also designed to deliver heat to the local community,” said Snip as reported in Data Centre & Network News.

Snip added by by reusing an existing building the company was able build faster and more sustainably, improving Switch’s record time from build to operation of a high-end data centre to under 22 months.

“AMS4 exemplifies our dedication to making data centres more environmentally-friendly. Working together with local stakeholders from the start, we have delivered top performance to our customers. At the same time, we are contributing to local and national needs in terms of moving away from fossil fuels and delivering excess heat for use by domestic units,” added Snip.

Recent reports have suggested a slowdown in new data centre projects in Amsterdam, but Switch continues to invest in the area. Aside from the newly opened AMS4 facility, Switch Datacentres has more than 200MW of new capacity in development in the Amsterdam area.

The Dutch data centre market is central to European technology concerns due to its strategic geographic location, advanced digital infrastructure, and strong commitment to sustainability.

The city of Amsterdam promotes the production and use of renewable energy in a variety of ways. Sustainability goals for 2030 include utilising 50% of suitable roof surface to generate 400MW of solar energy; 127 MW generated by wind turbines; and expansion of district heat networks like the one in Diemen, using waste heat from Switch’s ASM4 data centre.

However, the Dutch data centre market is not without its challenges. These include the high cost of energy, competition for skilled personnel, limited land availability, and regulatory constraints related to environmental impact.

This includes a regulatory constraint on hyperscale data centres. With the exception of a few limited locations, no new hyperscale data centres are allowed to be built  in the Netherlands as of 1 January, 2024. The Municipality of Amsterdam has also instituted rules to block further expansion of existing data centres unless they benefit Amsterdam and do not cause undue stress on the electrical grid.

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Written by Thu 6 Jun 2024

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