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Sony reveals an image sensor which it says could make AI cameras a reality

Written by Thu 14 May 2020

The tech giant says its new artificial intelligence-powered image sensors could see AI-powered cameras created in the future.

Sony has unveiled a new image processor with built-in artificial intelligence, which the tech giant says could see the creation of AI-powered cameras in the future.

The Japanese tech firm has announced its new IMX500 and IMX501 image sensors, which it says are the first in the world to include AI.

The benefit of such technology, Sony says, is that processing complex data from images can now be done on-device rather than having to be sent to the cloud to for processing.

The company says that, as a result, cameras using the new sensors could – in real-time – be used to track movement and congestion of people in spaces such as shops, for example, as well as to track monitor and detect stock shortages on shelves and the movement of products around a store.

In many current generation image sensors, the processing power needed to identify subjects and track their movement is too complex to be done on the device itself and so instead relies on additional processing power from external servers to which the device connects.

Sony said using AI to carry out these processes on its new sensor would help speed up such actions, as well as boost privacy and reduce power consumption and costs.

The technology giant confirmed that both of the new sensors will be available by June.

Written by Thu 14 May 2020


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