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Siemens invests over £400m in manufacturing US critical infrastructure

Written by Thu 9 Nov 2023

Siemens has revealed plans to invest over £407 million ($500 million) in the United States throughout 2023, targeting high-growth areas such as data centres, battery production, semiconductors, electric vehicle charging, and rail transportation.

A significant portion of this investment, £122 million ($150 million), is allocated for a new manufacturing plant in Dallas-Fort Worth, dedicated to producing critical electrical infrastructure equipment to support the burgeoning US data centres and facilitate the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).

The plant will also ensure secure operation of critical infrastructure, catering to long-term customers in the data centre sector, which is anticipated to witness a 10% annual growth through 2030.

The plant scheduled to commence operations in 2024, with full production capabilities by 2025.

Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said: “There has never been a better time to invest in critical electrical infrastructure and green mobility to support the backbone of America’s economy. The hardware and software we offer – produced through our expanded US manufacturing presence – will ensure that growing industries can meet demand while continuing to make progress in decarbonising operations.”

In line with these developments, Siemens announced a £179 million ($220 million) investment in a new rail manufacturing facility in Lexington, North Carolina. Work on this site is currently in progress.

Additional investments include enhancements to two electrical-products manufacturing plants in Grand Prairie, Texas, and Pomona, California. Together, these projects bring Siemens’ total investment in the US to £415 million ($510 million) for the year, which is projected to generate approximately 1,700 new jobs.

The new Fort Worth facility, alongside the expansions in Grand Prairie and Pomona, are set to cater to the increasing demands for electrification across various sectors. Siemens plans to incorporate advanced manufacturing tools, like digital twin technology and high-tech automation, to ensure top-tier quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

This move is part of a wider £1.7 billion ($2.1 billion or €2 billion) global investment strategy announced in June 2023. It is aimed at stimulating growth, innovation, and resilience. This will include the establishment of high-tech factories, innovation labs, and educational centres.

These investments are distributed across various regions, including China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US.

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Written by Thu 9 Nov 2023

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