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Shipa announces new cloud-managed developer platform

Written by Finbarr Toesland Tue 8 Jun 2021

In a bid to provide developers, platform engineers, and DevOps teams an improved way to manage and support cloud-native applications, venture capital-backed start-up Shipa recently launched Shipa Cloud.

This new platform allows even those employees without Kubernetes expertise the ability to easily operate applications on Kubernetes. Working within the application layer, the platform enables the automatic construction and deployment of all required Kubernetes objects.

“Kubernetes is a powerful and requisite tool for modern application development but, for too many enterprises now leveraging it, remains frustratingly complex to manage. This is especially true for developers,” says Bruno Andrade, CEO of Shipa.

“We launched Shipa in 2020 to take many of those infrastructure tasks off of developers’ plates. We enable developers to focus on application deployment and management, while also empowering DevOps to set up the control and compliance policies they require,” adds Andrade.

This new product from the venture capital-backed start-up goes beyond simply offering an intuitive cloud platform for developers and removes the need to maintain YAML files and Helm charts as their applications are deployed. Once the application has been deployed, developers have the capability to observe across all applications, statuses, objects, dependencies, and network policies.

With the speed of software development being of the utmost importance, Shipa Cloud offers out-of-the-box integrations with a range of leading cloud-native tools, including HashiCorp Vault, Datadog, JFrog, CircleCI and Traefik.

Enterprises no longer need to focus on building out their own developer platform, which can often be a resource-intensive undertaking, with Shipa Cloud increasing the speed at which firms can manage cloud-native applications and microservices

Written by:

Finbarr Toesland

Features Writer


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