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SHI Opens New Data Centre Infrastructure Hub in UK

Written by Thu 10 Nov 2022

Picture of SHI's new New Data Centre Infrastructure Hub in the UK

One of the world’s largest IT solution providers, SHI International, has opened a data centre infrastructure hub in the UK.

The new Nexus Integration Center aims to provide faster deployment, predictability, and scale of advanced data centre hardware configuration and end-user computing.

“The customized client and data centre hardware solutions configured and shipped from Nexus will provide customers greater efficiency and availability with reduced cost and shipping times,” said Celeste Lee, Senior Vice President of SHI’s International Division.

The Integration Center spans 46,000 square feet located along the M1 motorway near South Yorkshire. Data centre server racks, device imaging, and asset tagging will be completed at the SHI facility.

“By bringing these operations in-country, any UK-based customer looking for direct oversight of complex integrated solutions can visit the Integration Center where the actual work is performed,” added Lee.

The Nexus facility will also focus on IT sustainability, offering programs such as e-waste recycling, lifecycle management, asset disposal and asset recovery services.

“To be a true partner, our commitment to providing value-added services to customers must include agile, capable offerings that also meet the sustainability goals that benefit everyone,” said Donavan Hutchinson, SHI Managing Director for the UK.

SHI has achieved ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, and 45001 standards for the Nexus facility. This is SHI’s second Integration Center, with the first located in the Netherlands.

Full operations for the Nexus Integration Center will begin in January 2023, enabling half-day shipments of data centre hardware to 90% of SHI customers in the UK.

Additional enhancements of an Executive Briefing Center and Customer Experience Center expected later next year for organisations to test the latest technologies and conduct proof-of-concept exercises.

Written by Thu 10 Nov 2022

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