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ServiceNow acquires Lightstep to gain next-generation observability solution

Written by Wed 12 May 2021

Application monitoring and observability business used by the likes of Spotify and Github

American software firm ServiceNow has announced the acquisition of Lightstep, an application monitoring and observability business.

Launched in 2017, Lightstep has raised over $70 million from venture capital and counts brands like Spotify and GitHub as clients.

When ServiceNow adds the capabilities of Lightstep to its product offering they aim to support ‘DevOps engineers build, deploy, run, and monitor state-of-the-art, cloud-native applications.’

Bringing the benefits of comprehensive observability to enterprises can help these firms become fully-fledged digital organisations as real-time data insights can be transformed into action. While the financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed, ServiceNow calls this purchase one of the largest deals it has completed in its history.

One of the key selling points of the Lightstep solution is its ability to analyse metrics across the enterprise and trace data in real-time, even in full tech stacks. Their Now Platform enables a joined-up response to a range of issues that crop up in the business.

The combination of ServiceNow’s workflow solutions with Lightstep’s unique strengths around monitoring application performance and reliability will allow IT teams to more quickly respond to software issues than before. As cloud and DevOps continue to transform the enterprise ecosystem across the world, tools that are able to streamline often complex tech stacks will go a long way to ensuring reliability and speed.

“Companies are betting on going digital in order to thrive in the 21st century, but the transition is often challenging to navigate,” said Pablo Stern, SVP, IT Workflow Products at ServiceNow.

“With Lightstep, ServiceNow will transform how software solutions are delivered to customers. This will ultimately make it easier for customers to innovate quickly. Now they’ll be able to build and operate their software faster than ever before and take the new era of work head on with confidence.”

Written by Wed 12 May 2021

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