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Schneider Electric unveils three-phase UPS for data centre and industrial environments

Written by Tue 7 May 2019

Compact Easy UPS 3M is built for resiliency against harsh environments

IT energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric has extended its three-Phase Easy UPS Series with a new UPS designed for simple and versatile deployment.

The Easy UPS 3M is a 60 kVa to 100kVa 3-phase UPS, designed to protect critical equipment in a range of physical environments from damages due to power outages, surges and spikes.

The unit has an ECO mode that can deliver up to 99 percent energy efficiency, Schneider said.

The UPS is designed with small and medium businesses in mind, being compact and easy to deploy and service.

To help SMBs Schneider is including a start-up service so firms don’t have to worry about configuring the UPS for performance and reliability themselves, and Schneider says firms can leverage its local network of specialists to service the UPS throughout its lifecycle.

The Easy UPS 3M’s small, “rugged”, form factor also makes it suitable for remote edge sites and harsh industrial environments like manufacturing facilities.

To help it withstand harsh environments, the UPS comes with conformal coated circuit boards to protect against high humidity, airborne contaminants and more extreme temperatures; a replaceable dust filter; and strong overload protection.

In addition to the built-in config and monitoring interface, customers can opt for a network management card that integrates Schneider’s cloud-based monitoring and management suite, EcoStruxture IT.

“With our latest three-phase offer, Schneider Electric is better able to meet both customer needs and partner requirements in a wide range of industries, making it an excellent fit for small and medium businesses, data centres, and manufacturing facilities,” said Christopher Thompson, VP of 3-Phase line of business at Schneider Electric.

“Easy UPS 3M fills a growing market need for a solution delivering power availability, reliability, manageability, quality, and convenience.”

Written by Tue 7 May 2019


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