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Schneider Electric reveals latest ruggedised micro data centre

Written by Thu 10 Nov 2022

Schneider Electric has revealed its latest ruggedised EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre designed for distributed remote locations and edge locations within industrial environments.

The EcoStruxure Micro Data Center R-Series 42U Medium Density is a fully integrated, turnkey solution offering fast deployment.

“Industrial settings are not optimised for edge computing but there is an urgent need for IT systems to support edge computing trends,” said Jean-Baptiste Plagne, Vice President of Offer Management, Rack & Edge Systems, and Energy Management at Schneider Electric.

Edge Computing in Industrial Settings

The new solution comes at a time when edge computing is growing rapidly within industrial environments. Data centres must be built to withstand the elements like dust and moisture, whilst also being quick to deploy and scaled up easily.

Due to the remote locality of edge data centres, there will be times when the facility is unmanned by IT staff. Therefore, these facilities must have equipment that enables monitoring and visibility from anywhere at any time.

“The [new EcoStruxure Micro Data Center], with its 905kg weight load, is ideal for heavy IT equipment with the enclosure, security, cooling, and power necessary to operate in an industrial environment. It delivers the innovation that is needed in industrial settings,” added Plagne.

The new micro data centre solution by Schneider Electric is now available across Europe.

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Written by Thu 10 Nov 2022

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