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Schneider Electric launches new APC Easy Rack PDU family

Written by Thu 17 Sep 2020

New PDU range aimed at network closets, edge computing environments and small and medium-sized data centres

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of the APC Easy Rack PDU range, which it says provides an easy-to-install, easy-to-use and customisable power distribution unit for connected loads.

The new range aims to provide reliable power connection at a more competitive cost and caters to a range of environments, from network closets, to edge computing environments and to small and medium data centres.

The PDUs include an LCD screen, a multifunctional web interface and are fully customisable by colour, cord length and outlet number. They are also lighter than previous models and designed in an aluminium housing to enable quick installation.

The APC Easy Rack PDU ‘family’ comes in three flavours: Easy Basic Rack PDU is the most compact and light option, while Easy Metered Rack PDU offers network management via the web for customisable alerts and an LCD display for at the rack monitoring. In addition to web-based network management, Easy Switched Rack PDU provides remote access for outlet switching on/off for reboots, securing outlets, outlet grouping and network port sharing.

“Schneider Electric is extremely proud to announce our new APC Easy Rack PDU family”, said Jean-Baptiste Plagne, Global VP Edge Computing Solutions at Schneider Electric.

“The Easy series offers cost competitive, resilient and highly-optimised backup power products from a reputable brand leader. Their agile, compact and secure design meet the need for reliable, uninterruptible power, enabling business continuity when organisations need it most.”

Written by Thu 17 Sep 2020


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