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Schneider Electric launches 30kW in-row DX cooling unit

Written by Wed 3 Jul 2019

Energy management giant releases in-row cooling unit for the next-generation of small and medium data centres

Schneider Electric has launched a 30kW in-row cooling unit designed to address the need for dedicated high-density rack cooling.

The compact 30kW “InRow DX” unit is designed for data centres that are being modernised or retrofitted, or where IT space is at a premium, the company said.

Compared to room level cooling, in-row cooling systems are placed between racks in a row to more effectively cool equipment. They are necessary for high-density computing where rack heat output exceeds the capacity of room level cooling.

The technology has been around for a while but failed to take off, as rack densities didn’t increase as was widely predicted. Consequently, room level cooling has been able to handle most data centres’ cooling requirements.

As high-performance GPUs and CPUs become more prominent in the data centre, thanks to an upsurge in HPC and data-intensive workloads for training AI, it is again predicted that rack densities will start to rise.

“If you are consolidating, modernizing, or expanding your data centre and struggling to manage the heat profile introduced by the new servers, the versatile new 30kW InRow DX is ideal,” said Ben Smith, VP of cooling, Schneider Electric.

“Powerfully compact and with unmatched efficiency, the 30kW InRow allows for fewer units to provide the same amount of cooling capacity.”

Written by Wed 3 Jul 2019


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