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Schneider Electric and NetApp partner on pre-packaged edge infrastructure

Written by Thu 17 Oct 2019

Optimised edge solution to dovetail with rise of multicloud architecture

Schneider Electric and NetApp have announced they are teaming on plug-and-play hyperconverged solutions (HCI) for the edge, following a previous tie-up the data centre energy specialist made with Cisco.

Schneider is pre-engineering infrastructure integrated with NetApp’s HCI hybrid cloud platform, which will vary for enterprise, remote offices, and small to medium-sized business spaces. The idea is that each customer segment will be able to receive and install infrastructure quickly without having to worry too much about on-site or remote management.

The two companies say a key differentiator of their solution is the improved public, private or hybrid cloud access it provides at the edge through NetApp’s on-premise hybrid cloud infrastructure.

They claim key benefits of hybrid-ready HCI are increased efficiencies and reduced costs in the data centre.

“As enterprises transform to meet the needs of today’s digitally-driven world, they need the compute infrastructure necessary to support IoT applications with improved bandwidth, lower latency, and peak performance,” said Jim Simonelli, senior vice president, Emerging Businesses, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric.

“Together, Schneider Electric and NetApp are innovating the traditional approach to hybrid cloud infrastructure to help businesses drive operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve efficiency across the enterprise.”

“Customers today need capabilities that will simplify infrastructure management and accelerate applications at the edge to unlock the value of their data and provide hybrid, multi-cloud solutions that drive efficiencies and reduce cost,” said Brett Roscoe, vice president, Product Management, Cloud Infrastructure business unit, NetApp.

“NetApp and Schneider Electric are bringing together our technology expertise to deliver optimized edge solutions that go beyond traditional hybrid cloud offerings to empower businesses to achieve new competitive advantages.”

Written by Thu 17 Oct 2019


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