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SAP closing Russia data centres

Written by Fri 29 Apr 2022

Software and services company SAP has announced that it will close data centres in Russia, offering customers the choice to have data deleted, returned, or migrated to an alternate data centre outside of Russia. Russian companies that choose to migrate data out of the country to an alternate SAP data centre will not have the option to renew their SLA upon expiration. 


These options are available to companies that are not currently under trade sanctions. According to the company, SAP acts as a data processor, not the owner of data, which belongs to the client company themselves. Moreover, “customers with whom business is prohibited by sanctions were not given these options.”

The company is also planning to end on-premise operations in Russia, ending support and maintenance services for on-premise products. However, they said that they are looking at a number of options that will ensure that on-premise customers will receive the services they have enlisted for the terms of their contracts, and that these customers will continue to be able to use their products.

These decisions are being made to demonstrate the company’s efforts to help end the war in Ukraine, noting in the announcement, “We continue to believe that coordinated inter-governmental sanctions offer the best way to end the war in Ukraine, and we have implemented them without exception. In line with our responsibilities as an employer and provider of business-critical software, we have also gone beyond sanctions. For example, we halted sales in Russia and Belarus and are in the process of shutting down all cloud operations in Russia.”

SAP was asked, along with Oracle, to exit operations in Russia by Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation in Ukraine. In a tweet on March 2, Fedorov said: “More sanctions imposed — faster peace restored in Ukraine! I’ve addressed to @SAP and @Oracle for support!”

Oracle has also withdrawn from operations in Russia and Belarus in response to the war in Ukraine, halting sales and ending service and support for businesses there. The company noted that they would not allow services to be re-subscribed in an alternate location or by a third-party provider.

Written by Fri 29 Apr 2022


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