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Russian venture Big Data Platform finishes MPC testing

Written by Finbarr Toesland Thu 29 Jul 2021

Russia’s Big Data Platform (BDP), a venture by national telecommunications operator Rostelecom and the country’s bank VTB, recently announced the completion of tests of their new Big Data security platform.

This Multi-Partial Computation (MPC) technology gives organisations the ability to increase business efficiency by sharing the use of Big Data and data arrays.

What separates MPC technology from other solutions is the lack of the exchange of source data between enterprises, which opens up the use of a Data Fusion approach. In practice, this data strategy means that machine learning processes can be integrated and data can be merged from one area of machine learning to another.

The security of customer data is the main priority of the Big Data Platform, says Maxim Konovalikhin, Senior Vice President, Head of the Data Analysis and Modeling Department at VTB.

“The new technology allows us to bring our work with Big Data and data security to a new level. Thanks to MPC, we can work with combined arrays of information to improve products, services, and business processes. Combining unique arrays of depersonalised data, technologies and competencies, as well as applying the Data Fusion approach, will allow the Big Data Platform to achieve leadership in the Big Data market,” adds Konovalikhin.

The benefits of MPC technology revolve around the power it has to create advanced machine learning models from the combined data of different companies. Virtually all companies can utilise this technology to enhance their services, no matter if they operate in retail or banking. As each enterprise only shares data that is protected, high levels of data security can be achieved.

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Finbarr Toesland

Features Writer


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