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Rolls-Royce supplies new SpaceDC Indonesia campus with three MTU power systems

Written by Wed 18 Nov 2020

Engineering giant delivers three containerised gas and diesel systems to ID01 campus under MTU power brand

Rolls-Royce supplied three MTU gas and diesel systems for SpaceDC’s new data centre campus in Indonesia.

The containerised systems are handling baseload power, emergency power and cooling at the ID01 25.45MW campus in Jakarta, which launched at the beginning of this month.

All three systems feature new exhaust after-treatment technology which support the data centre’s green goals. ID01 boasts a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.3. The industry average PUE in 2020 was 1.58, according to Uptime Institute.

“There is growing demand for local data centres in Southeast Asia, even more since the Covid-19 crisis”, said Darren Hawkins, CEO of SpaceDC.

“With the trend of decarbonization new concepts of power supply for data centres are at the forefront.”

Providing emergency power are two diesel MTU 20V4000 DS3300 gensets in a 40 ft container with SCR systems to reduce emissions.

While a 20-cylinder MTU Series 4000L64 FNER gas genset in a 40ft container handles baseload electricity and cooling via an absorption chiller, utilising exhaust gas heat to provide cooling.

The gas systems were designed to withstand hot and humid conditions in Jakarta where the climate is tropical almost year-round.

“Deploying generators in a tropical environment like Indonesia comes with a unique set of challenges, especially for a data centre environment where uptime is absolutely critical,” said Andreas Görtz, Vice President Power Generation at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

“We’re proud that our Series 4000 generator sets will help Space DC meet the special demands of the location and ensure the highest levels of reliability for their customers.”

MTU is Rolls-Royce’s power product and solution brand. The engineering giant’s power division recently acquired Belgian UPS firm Kinolt and in May announced a partnership with Daimler Truck AG to develop fuel cell generators for data centres.

Written by Wed 18 Nov 2020


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