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Riello UPS extends NextEnergy range with 500 kVA edition

Written by Wed 3 Jun 2020

Riello UPS adds to transformerless UPS range

Riello UPS has expanded its NextEnergy (NXE) series with a more powerful 500 kVA model.

Riello said the new NXE 500 model incorporates the latest transformerless technologies to deliver TÜV-certified operational efficiency up to 97 percent in online UPS mode, helped by its Efficiency Control System which minimises wasted energy at partial loads.

The three-phase NextEnergy UPSs, already available in 250 kVA and 300 kVA versions, are designed to be extremely energy efficient, reducing power consumption and running costs for data centre operators and delivering unity power in a compact footprint.

Energy-saving features include the “Active Eco” operating mode, that powers the load using the bypass line as well as acting as a filter that eliminates the need for power factor correction. This function boosts efficiency to 98.5 percent, Riello said.

Up to eight NXE UPSs can be paralleled together to increase capacity or add redundancy. Hot System Expansion (HSE) capability also ensures extra units are added without having to switch the entire UPS system to bypass, protecting critical loads at all times.

“With this latest addition, the NextEnergy range can now protect large-scale systems up to 4 MVA of power,” said Leo Craig, Managing Director at Riello UPS.

“Thanks to its front to top ventilation and easy front access for maintenance, the NXE can be installed against the wall or even back-to-back, giving data centre operators the flexibility to optimise their valuable floor space.”

The NextEnergy series offers bottom or top cable entry and can also operate either with or without a neutral connection, making it suitable for three-wire installations.

It comes with a large 7-inch colour LCD touchscreen display panel and easily integrates with DCIM and remote monitoring software.

Written by Wed 3 Jun 2020


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